Village of Castells de Castells

The peaceful village of Castell de Castells is tucked into the mountains, 30kms and 50 years away from the hustle and bustle of the Mediterranean coast. It is situated on the Iberian peninsular between Alicante to the south and Valencia to the north. The rugged limestone mountains, forming a triangle around the village, reach to over 1500 metres and are criss-crossed with ancient Mozarabic trails and dry river beds.

Castell de Castells, unlike many other mountain villages, is large enough to support its own Town Hall, resident doctor, pharmacist, supermarket, several bars and two banks. If the bank manager is not in, you will usually find him in the nearest bar having his morning coffee and brandy!  
On top of the majestic Pena de Castellet, at over 1000 metres, are the remains of the Moorish castle from
which the village takes its name. On the lower slopes,
olive and almond trees, together with some grapevines, bathe on the sun-drenched terraces; many of them still tended today by old fashioned methods handed down through generations. The virgin olive oil produced in this area is one of the finest in Spain and is said to
contribute to the longevity of the local octogenarians!

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In the spring (Feb – June), you will find an abundance of wild mountain flowers and herbs, not to mention almond, orange and cherry blossom and an array of bird life.

August is fiesta time, a unique experience not to be missed. Celebrations often include the preparation of giant paella for the whole village to share. Music and dancing are the order of the day during this fun period.

During the autumn months (Sept – Nov), we see one of the best micro-climates in Europe and enjoy a second springtime, with blooming shrubs, herbs and flowers. The almond trees are now heavily laden with nuts ready for harvest, whilst the olives are ripening nicely.
In the heart of winter it is still pleasant to be outdoors, with cool mornings and evenings. The daytime hours are generally crisp with blue skies and sunshine. On occasion, you may witness a light dusting of snow on the highest peaks.
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